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Remote Radio Heads for 3G-5G Applications

Custom Remote Radio Heads (RRH) developed by TEKTELIC enable base station providers to reduce their R&D costs, accelerate time to market, and reduce the overall technology risk inherent in the development of high power radios. TEKTELIC reference designs and products can be rapidly modified and expanded to address the most stringent and expansive requirements.

TEKTELIC RRHs can address all generations of cellular technology, are air-interface agnostic, and support deployment over a wide range of environmental conditions. They can be easily and quickly interfaced with 3rd party basebands via the industry standard CPRI and OBSAI interfaces. To accelerate this process TEKTELIC has developed a baseband CPRI emulator that enables rapid integration of the custom RRH with a client’s baseband solution. All TEKETLIC high power RRH models incorporate advanced RF Power Amplifier technology and utilize the latest Digital Predistortion and Crest Factor reduction techniques that enable high efficiency, compact form factor, and high hardware reliability.

3G-5G Baseband Units

TEKTELIC basebands are designed to address the most demanding next generation Macro base station requirements. The underlying architectures are designed for high availability and day-one scalability. To enable network evolution to next generation of air interface technologies, all basebands are designed to support multiple air interface standards (GSM, UMTS, LTE).

The basebands can be deployed as part of a distributed architecture connect directly to Remote Radio Heads through a CPRI interface, or they can be deployed as part of a centralized Cloud RAN deployment.

3G-5G Small Cells

TEKTELIC Small Cell eNodeBs are full featured outdoor LTE base stations ideally suited for public and private operators, emergency first responders, or military tactical network operators that require a small, high powered, and reliable eNodeB solution. All TEKTELIC Small Cells are designed to strike a practical balance between output power, size, weight, performance, and cost.

Output power can be scaled from less than 1W up to 10W depending on the deployment conditions. Given their best-in- class radio efficiency, low weight, and compact size they can be rapid and cost effectively deployed to address different coverage and capacity operator requirements. To enable existing spectrum investments the TEKTELIC Small Cells are available in a growing number of global LTE Frequency bands including 1, 3, 4, 7, 12, 13, 14, 17, 28 (FDD) and 39, 41, and 42/43 (TDD).