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About us


TEKTELIC is a premier supplier of best-in- class LoRaWAN® IoT Gateways, Sensors and custom applications. These elements combined provide a powerful end-to- end solution that can be easily, quickly and cost effectively deployed to address the most demanding IoT user requirements. With a growing portfolio of products TEKTELIC has solutions to address most global ISM frequency bands and its products can address a wide variety of vertical applications ranging from enterprise and commercial deployments to service provider and industrial solutions.


TEKTELIC has a rich heritage in the development of high quality carrier grade cellular products for its commercial service provider and defense OEM clients. TEKTELIC develops and manufactures high  performance cellular radios (RRH and Shelf Mount), Basebands, Power Amplifiers and complete Small Cell base stations. Specialising on all elements of the Radio Access Network (RAN) it can provide solutions to address the requirements of all cellular standards ranging from 2G to 5G and covering the most deployed cellular RF technologies.

Custom Solutions and Services

With its world class RF lab, proven development expertise and a growing portfolio of IPR, TEKTELIC offers a full and complete set of custom product design and development services. TEKTELIC can take your wireless product from concept to production. Leveraging its existing platforms and reference designs TEKETLIC can reduce the technology risk, accelerate time to market and reduce the overall R&D investment. The resulting designs are cost optimized and build for manufacturability.

  • IoT Gateways Sensors Apps
  • 3G-5G Radios & Basestations
  • Custom Solution & Services

Our Team

The TEKELIC R&D team is comprised of experts in a wide range of technical disciplines. Having begun in 2009, TEKTELIC’s core team came from Nortel Network’s main RF and Base Station design team.

Since then TEKTELIC has selected and added new team members to its technical staff from all over North America and Europe. Most team members possess a Master’s degree or above and are typically trained experts in the areas of radio and system design, digital signal processing, mechanical and thermal design, power, protection and grounding.

All these skills sets enable TEKTELIC to build high quality carrier grade products for its clients.

Management Team

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