KONA Mega Gateway

TEKTELIC’s KONA Mega IoT Gateway is a Carrier Grade, High Availability and Dependability, Feature Rich and Scalable LoRaWAN® Gateway for operators and enterprises that require a fully featured outdoor Gateway with built-in RF Cavity Duplexers and Filters. It supports dual LoRaWAN antennas, maximum possible Rx and Tx Channels, high performance external 3G/4G and GPS antennas and a number of other advanced features. In addition, it generates negligible RF impairments compared to any other LoRaWAN® Gateway and supports accurate TDoA Geolocation. The KONA Mega IoT Gateway supports all Global ISM bands.

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Technical and functional system specifications

Key Product Differentiators

  • High availability carrier grade design with support of in-service configuration and software updates.
  • Environmentally hardened aluminium enclosure fully tested to withstand extreme temperature conditions.
  • Innovative multiple antenna configuration supporting Rx diversity for 16 + 16 channels.
  • Excellent out of band rejection of Interference from other networks such as Cellular and Paging.
  • Day-One scalability supporting millions of Rx messages per day.
  • Fully integrated with the broader eco-system of LoRa™ network servers and sensors.

Key Features

  • Dual Antenna Support for Rx Diversity
  • Double Simultaneous Tx Channels
  • Frequency Duplex 72 Rx / 4 Tx (NA), Time Duplex 16 + 16 Rx / 2 + 2 Tx (EU)
  • High Linearity LNA/Receiver
  • Integrated Bandpass Filter
  • Precise Newtork Synchronization (GPS)
  • Integrated GPS Holdover
  • Up To 14 dBM Tx Power per Antenna
  • Geolocalization Support
  • Hardened Carrier Grade Enclosure
  • Integrated Cellular 3G/4G Modem
  • Copper and Optical Ethernet Backhaul
  • Rated IP67 Enclosure
  • EU 868 ISM Band

Mechanical Parameters

DC Power Consumption DC Power Consumption
Volume Volume
Operational Temperature Operational Temperature
Ingress Protection Ingress Protection
Size Size
Weight Weight

LoRa Parameters

Tx Power Tx Power
Operational Humidity Operational Humidity

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