KONA Mega Gateway

TEKTELIC’s KONA Mega IoT Gateway is a Carrier Grade, High Availability and Dependability, Feature-Rich and Scalable LoRaWAN® Gateway for operators and enterprises that require a fully-featured outdoor Gateway with built-in RF Cavity Duplexers and Filters. It supports dual LoRaWAN antennas, maximum possible Rx and Tx Channels, high performance external 3G/4G and GPS antennas and a number of other advanced features. In addition, it generates negligible RF impairments compared to any other LoRaWAN® Gateway and supports accurate TDoA Geolocation. The KONA Mega IoT Gateway supports all Global ISM bands.

North America Specifications  \  EuropeanUnion Specifications  \  APAC Specifications

Technical and functional system specifications

Key Product Differentiators

  • High availability carrier grade design with support of in-service configuration and software updates.
  • Environmentally hardened aluminium enclosure fully tested to withstand extreme temperature conditions.
  • Innovative multiple antenna configuration supporting Rx diversity for 16 + 16 channels.
  • Excellent out of band rejection of Interference from other networks such as Cellular and Paging.
  • Day-One scalability supporting millions of Rx messages per day.
  • Fully integrated with the broader eco-system of LoRa™ network servers and sensors.

Key Features

  • Dual Antenna Support for Rx Diversity
  • Double Simultaneous Tx Channels
  • Frequency Duplex 72 Rx / 4 Tx (NA), Time Duplex 16 + 16 Rx / 2 + 2 Tx (EU)
  • High Linearity LNA/Receiver
  • Integrated Bandpass Filter
  • Precise Newtork Synchronization (GPS)
  • Integrated GPS Holdover
  • Up To 14 dBM Tx Power per Antenna
  • Geolocalization Support
  • Hardened Carrier Grade Enclosure
  • Integrated Cellular 3G/4G Modem
  • Copper and Optical Ethernet Backhaul
  • Rated IP67 Enclosure
  • EU 868 ISM Band

Mechanical Parameters

DC Power Consumption < 30 W
MTBF 450,000 hours
Volume 6 L
Operational Temperature -40°C to +60°C
Ingress Protection IP67
Size 222 x 265 x 101 mm
Weight 5 kg

LoRa Parameters

EU ISM Band 863 - 870 MHz
Tx Power 2 x 14 dBm
Operational Humidity 10% to 100% Condensing

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KONA Mega Gateway

Carrier-Grade, High Availability and Dependability, Feature-Rich and Scalable. The KONA Mega IoT Gateway supports all Global ISM bands.

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