KONA Mobile Gateway

The KONA Mobile IoT Gateway provides solution providers with a carrier grade product for the deployment of LoRaWAN® Internet of Things networks. The Gateway enables massive scalability in a compact form factor by supporting up to 12 million messages per day. It is ideal for public and private network operators that require a mobile, cost effective and reliable LoRaWAN® gateway accomodating multiple Rx and Tx Channesl to maximise their network investment for years to come.

Technical and functional system specifications

Key Features

  • Time Division Duplex 64 Rx / 2 Tx
  • High Linearity LNA/Receiver
  • Optimized for Mobile Deployments
  • Precise Newtork Synchronization (GPS)
  • Integrated GPS Holdover
  • 1 Watt (30 dBm) Tx Power
  • Geolocalization Support
  • Hardened Carrier Grade Enclosure
  • Optional Cellular 3G/4G Modem
  • Copper and Optical Ethernet Backhaul
  • Rated IP67 Enclosure
  • NA 915, EU 868 MHz ISM Bands

Key Product Differentiators

  • High availability carrier grade design with support of in-service configuration and software updates.
  • Environmentally hardened aluminium enclosure fully tested to withstand extreme temperature conditions.
  • Excellent isolation between the Tx and Rx bands as well as out of band rejection of Cellular and Paging networks.
  • Day-One scalability with support of up to 12 million received messages per day.
  • Easy to deploy supporting different backhaul and power options.
  • Leverages the HFC network in a LoRaWAN® solution.
  • Fully integrated with the broader eco-system of LoRa network servers and sensors.

Mechanical Parameters

DC Power Consumption DC Power Consumption
Volume Volume
Operational Temperature Operational Temperature
Ingress Protection Ingress Protection
Size Size
Weight Weight

LoRa Parameters

Tx Power Tx Power
Rx Sensitivity Rx Sensitivity
Operational Humidity Operational Humidity
ISM Band ISM Band

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