Mulch Temperature Sensor

The TEKTELIC Mulch Temperature Sensor is an ideal solution for monitoring and transmitting real-time data relating to the temperature of mulch beds. Two device variants are available depending on the depth of the mulch that needs to be monitored and also includes an onboard temperature and humidity sensor for the ambient environment. TEKTELIC’s Mulch Sensor utilizes a ruggedized IP-67 polycarbonate enclosure for deployment in the most extreme environmental conditions and includes an integrated Li-SOCl2 battery for optimized battery life of up to 10 years. The device supports battery status reporting for easy maintenance via an Application server.

Technical and functional system specifications

Sensor Features

  • Long Battery Life up to 10 Years
  • Multiple Variants for Probe Length (137 cm and 320 cm)
  • On-Board Ambient Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • Li-SOCI2 Battery
  • All Global Bands
  • IP67 Design

Sensor Applications

  • Commercial Mulch/Compost Storage
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Hydroponics and Smart Greenhouses

General System Parameters

Operational Temperature Operational Temperature
Ingress Protection Ingress Protection
Size Size
Weight Weight
Battery (up to 10 years life) Battery (up to 10 years life)
Voltage Voltage
Probe Length Probe Length

LoRa Parameters

RF Power RF Power
RF Sensitivity RF Sensitivity
ISM Band ISM Band
LoRa Device Class LoRa Device Class
Antenna Antenna

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