eDoctor Solution

The most simple to deploy IoT solution to monitor hospital patients, senior care residents, seniors living at home, high performance athletes and other vulnerable individuals who require constant respiratory health monitoring.

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TEKTELIC eDoctor is an End-to-End respiratory health monitoring IoT solution designed to monitor individuals who require constant respiratory monitoring or are at a high risk of adverse effects from respiratory illness. With a sleek, wearable chest band device, eDoctor provides constant monitoring of key respiratory vital signs including Heart Rate, Respiration Rate, Body Temperature, Chest Expansion, Activity Level and Body Position and displays the data in a comprehensive, user friendly application. The eDoctor device can provide continuous monitoring for 3 to 4 months with an easy-to-replace coin cell battery, providing a highly reliable, low-maintenance and simple-to-deploy monitoring solution.

Continuously monitor

Respiration (Breathing) Rate
Heart Rate
Body Temperature
Chest Expansion
Body Position
Product with belt

Easy & Comfortable
to Wear in everyday life

The comfortable chest band combined with the sleek and discreet form factor allows the eDoctor device to be worn comfortably in any environment under any clothing. Whether you are training for the next marathon or relaxing at home, the eDoctor device will provide all of the data you need without getting in the way.

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Key Technical Features

Battery Life: Up to 4 Months

Battery Type: CR2450 Coin Cell (Self Replaceable)

Operational Temperature: 0°C to 40°C

Body Temperature Accuracy: 0.05°C from 35°to 40°C

Device Size: 66.0 x 36.2 x 11.7 mm

Strap Size: For Chest Sizes 80cm to 140cm