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Contact Tracing

Low Cost & Low Power Contact Tracing Solution

TEKTELIC launches End-to-End solution to limit the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses

The TEKTELIC Contact Tracing Solution is an integrated solution designed to track and monitor employees’ locations while they are at the worksite.

Having the ability to visualize where an employee has been, and whom they have been in contact with is a powerful tool which can be utilized for virus spread mitigation.

If an employee tests positive for COVID-19 or another respiratory illness, the TEKTELIC Contact Tracing Solution enables companies to see exactly who that employee has been in contact with at the worksite during their contagious period, and those specific employees can be isolated.

This allows for sustained business continuity as employees who did not come in direct contact with the infected individual can continue to work.

COVID-19 has emerged as a significant disruption around the world. Not only has the virus impacted the health and wellness of many individuals, businesses and industries have been severely impacted as well.

Many organizations are taking extreme preventive measures to ensure their employees remain safe and healthy, but this has had an immense economic impact.

Around the globe, companies are looking for comprehensive technology solutions that can be implemented to limit the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses, but also allow for business continuity and minimal economic disruption.

Network Architecture

Key Features of the TEKTELIC Contact Tracing Solution:

  • Small, un-intrusive wearable devices
  • Devices are designed for 10+ year battery life
  • No reliance on Smart Phone technologies
  • Fully integrated End-to-End solution

How does society benefit

  • Virus Spread Mitigation
  • Continued Business Operation
  • Healthy Employees