Wireless Gateways & Sensors

For large-scale industrial, commercial, and carrier-grade IoT deployments.

TEKTELIC is a premier provider of Best-in-Class IoT Gateways and Devices. Utilizing the LoRaWAN® technology, TEKTELIC prides itself on building hardware designed for Carrier-Grade performance, reliability, scalability, and the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership for the Operator. 

TEKTELIC offers a wide range of Custom Product Design, Development, Life Cycle Support  and Sustaining Services covering numerous wireless technologies.

Best-in-Class IoT LoraWAN Gateways and Devices

Why LoRaWAN®

It is a long-range, low-power wireless platform that has emerged as the dominant technology choice for building and implementing IoT networks worldwide. Ideal for both urban and rural smart solutions.

Long Range

From 5 km to 15 km coverage range in urban areas and suburban areas. Record is 105 km.

Deep indoor coverage

Maximum Battery Life
  • Very low power usage
  • 5-15 year battery life
  • Solar, wind, other recharge sources
Multi Usage
  • Very High capacity
  • Multi-tenant
  • Public / Private network
Low Cost
  • Minimal infrastructure
  • Low-cost end-node
  • Open Software
  • Growing Eco-system


Highly differentiated to optimize RF performance for large scale industrial, commercial, and carrier-grade IoT deployments. They are offered in various form factors to address a broad range of vertical applications.

Carrier Grade
Cost Efficient
Quick and Easy deployment
Cross Platform Compatible

Sensors to measure everything

Multifunctional, low cost, and extremely battery efficient. To customize devices behavior, control its functionality, and to optimize its battery consumption, the firmware can be configured by the end-user over-the-air. 

Precise Data Collection
Long battery life
Cross Platform Compatible
Easy to maintenance

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