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Low price, Smallest size, 10 Year Battery life LoRaWAN® Indoor Asset Tracker

By now everyone in the LoRaWAN ecosystem knows about the TEKTELIC team’s wireless expertise and its complete and highly differentiated LoRaWAN® portfolio of products: 12 Best-in-Class Carrier Grade Gateways; LoRaWAN Network Server; Operation, Administration & Maintenance (OAM) Server; Device Configuration and Maintenance Server; Kona Field Tool (KonaFT); and growing number of LoRaWAN® Devices, Sensors and Applications. Today TEKTELIC is spending time and efforts with others members of the LoRaWAN® ecosystem (operators and vendors) to share its wireless knowledge and design expertise, as well as high value of Carrier Grade products, operator Lowest Total Cost of Operation (TCO), and will continue to do so to ensure the entire LoRaWAN® ecosystem evolves, improves product quality, and ensures LoRaWAN is the de-facto global IoT standard.

TEKTELIC is now focusing most of its design efforts on High Quality, Long Battery Life and Reliable Performance Devices, Sensors and Applications. The newly released LoRaWAN® Indoor Asset Tracker, as per the video below is a direct proof of TEKTELIC team design expertise and focus.

Direct Link: https://youtu.be/rmpgjDpQAnY

This Device is the smallest and has the longest battery life of any Indoor Asset Tracker on the market. Measuring slightly more than a single AA battery it provides accurate locations for 1000s of mobile Assets in hospitals, universities, municipal offices, office towers, warehouses, on ships, and the list goes on. With a single AA battery and 2 to 4 Asset movements or relocations per day, the battery is expected to last 10 years – making it the most battery efficient LoRaWAN® Asset Tracker on the market today. The Device is priced at 1/2 of other devices on the market, making it also the most cost effective LoRaWAN® Device. One can only come with products like these by investing in true engineering to design, test and evolve new products, and not by copying Reference Designs or other vendor products – no one ever generates true value copying other designs and the IoT field is no exception.

If you have a need for a truly Low Cost, Small Form Factor and Very Long Battery Indoor LoRaWAN® Asset Tracker, please reach out to the TEKTELIC team at info@tektelic.com. Visit www.tektelic.com to learn more about all of TEKTELIC’s best-in-class IoT products and services!

Check out the spec sheet at https://tektelic.com/iot/lorawan-sensors/

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