Building Management

IoT Networks can provide tenants, workers, building operators, and facility managers with invaluable information that can be analyzed and acted upon to provide direct cost savings, increased operational efficiencies, enhanced security, and improved comfort for building occupants.

Sustainable technologies for life & Work

Create sustainable cities based on human centric real-time data collection and analysis. Manage all features through a Smart Building IoT network.
Temperature & Humidity

Customize and automate the heating and cooling of buildings across separate rooms

Room Occupancy

Detect human presence in a room to ensure meeting spaces are being used efficiently.


Change brightness and color temperature. Turn on lights only in areas where motion is present at night.


Monitor noise levels to ensure maximum comfort for building occupants or as a security feature.

For Cost Saving & Security

Better insight into critical events requiring immediate attention, and slowly growing issues that may not be evident but cause problems over time
Heating & Cooling

Easily visualize any factors that could be driving up HVAC costs including heat escaping, cold chambers being left open, or external cold air seeping into a building

Water Consumption

Having a better understanding of water usage metrics and patterns can reduce waste and provide cost savings

Fire, flood, CO/CO2

Detect smoke, water or gas in places that should be void of these materials.

Equipment Monitoring

Extend the life of the equipment by coordinating maintenance schedules and correcting inefficiencies.

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