Contact Tracing

Return to Work With the TEKTELIC Contact Tracing Solution

The TEKTELIC Contact Tracing Solution is an integrated solution designed to track and monitor employees’ locations while they are at the worksite. Having the ability to visualize where an employee has been, and whom they have been in contact with is a powerful tool that can be utilized for virus spread mitigation. 

TEKTELIC provides an end-to-end solution that helps to: 

  • Prevent close contacts; 
  • Know the duration of each contact event;  
  • Find and isolate only exposed individuals; 
  • Know the number of contact events between individuals; 
  • See the date and time of the contact event. 

Get your employees back into the office, back into the field, back into the work force as quickly and safely as possible.


LoraWAN IoT Solutions for Contact Tracing

How it works?







Indoor and outdoor trackers

Indoor and outdoor trackers

Audio and vibration distance alerts

Audio and vibration

distance alerts

Multiple contacts detection simultaneously

Multiple contacts detection


Configurable detection threshold

1, 1.5, 2-meter threshold


Easy to filter all contact-events over multiple months. The system logs and visualizes all close proximity contacts.




Application for contact events monitoring

Application for contact events monitoring

Data visualization and export

Data visualization

and export

Filters by number, duration, date and time

Filters by number, duration, date and time

Contacts monitoring

2nd degree contacts monitoring





personal wearable tracking devices lorawan

Personal trackers

3 to 6 months of battery life 

Sleek wearable form factor

IP67 design

LoRaWAN Gateway

ONE gateway

Less cost of network application 

No installation needed

NO installation

Place gateway anywhere!

No special IT knowledge. Simple onboarding and configuration.

NO IT Knowledge

Simple step-by-step onboarding and 24/7 support

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