IoT for Oil and Gas Industry.

Improved efficiency for smarter production

IoT is proving to be invaluable in the energy sector with a wide span of potential applications. Asset Tracking, Remote Monitoring, Preventative Maintenance, Environmental Monitoring and Lone Worker safety are just a small group of integral applications highlighting the potential improved operational efficiencies that IoT can provide in this industry.

LoRaWAN®'s multi-usage capabilities accommodate a high capacity of IoT devices in a single network. A carrier-grade LoRaWAN® collection hub, known as a gateway has the capacity to simultaneously send and receive hundreds of messages every second from the devices deployed in its vicinity. This is ample capacity for most oil and gas applications. 




Oil & Gas IoT LoraWAN gateways and sensors

Benefits for any industry

As the breadth of IoT applications in oil and gas continues to evolve, LoRaWAN® is rapidly gaining momentum as the ideal technology to address these constraints with cost-effective and highly reliable long-range, low-power IoT connectivity.

Lone Worker Safety

To minimize the risk of serious injury or death, it is essential that lone workers have a reliable line of communication to instantly check-in or signal for assistance in the event of a safety incident.

Preventative Maintenance

IoT-driven predictive maintenance leverages real-time sensor data (temperature, flow rate, pressure, vibration, sound etc.) from potential failure points in operational equipment to identify signs of deterioration or malfunction and predict maintenance requirements.

Smart Pipeline Monitoring

IoT-enabled sensors and LoRaWAN® connectivity are enabling significantly more efficient and cost-effective asset monitoring, unlocking a vast amount of data and insights into the structural health and operating conditions of critical infrastructure including pipelines.

Asset Tracking and Remote Monitoring

LoRaWAN® also provides additional features such as TDoA geolocation capabilities, allowing operators to locate valuable assets in the field.

Environmental Monitoring

IoT sensors can be deployed to remotely monitor environmental conditions and ensure operations are compliant with regulatory standards regarding emissions and waste.

Tank Monitoring

Equipping fleet vehicles with IoT technologies, including GPS, enables the city to optimize scheduling and routing,

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