Customer Segment Marketing Manager

Full time
Seniority Level:
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Roles & Responsibilities:

● Marketing Planning: Set goals, benchmarks, KPIs and focused strategies aligned with TEKTELIC’s key customer segments (Enterprise and Indirect).

● Partner/Indirect Marketing: Collaborate with our partners and indirect sales team to develop partner-specific content, co-marketing campaigns, and enablement materials that drive mutual growth and success.

● Market Research: Play a pivotal role in conducting market research and working with internal subject matter experts to develop relevant thought leadership content across various platforms.

● Customer Experience: Develop and deploy quarterly NPS surveys, analyze results and collaborate internally on strategies to enhance the overall customer experience and foster brand advocacy.

● Sales Enablement: Collaborate closely with the sales team in the development of customer-centric content and campaigns to shorten the sales cycle. Participate in internal sales meetings and provide necessary training for different verticals.

● Customer Lifecycle Marketing:Develop and implement a holistic strategy across the customer lifecycle including targeted campaigns for cross-selling, upselling, retention, and referrals.

● Customer Advisory Board (CAB): Oversee the development of a new Customer Advisory Board program by efficiently project-managing and executing valuable customer experiences.

● Vertical Expertise: Become an expert in understanding the industries we cater to: Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, Smart Utilities. Create tailored content for different verticals to ensure precise targeting and engagement.


● Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, to create impactful content and engage effectively with cross-functional teams, customers, and partners.

● Proven experience in developing and executing successful marketing campaigns and strategies.

● Proficiency in market research, with the ability to analyze data and industry trends to inform decision-making.

● Solid project management skills to oversee multiple initiatives and campaigns simultaneously.

● Customer-centric mindset with the ability to understand customer needs and tailor marketing efforts accordingly.

● Collaborative nature with the capability to work seamlessly with sales, marketing, and other teams.

● Event planning and coordination expertise to ensure exceptional event experiences.

● Familiarity with various marketing tools and platforms for content creation, campaign management, and analytics.

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