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Internet of Things (IoT) is a platform for the digital transformation of smart metering and can be a valuable asset in a utility company’s services and overall infrastructure. The right IoT platform allows utilities to connect their devices to their network without having to spend a fortune on additional software infrastructure. LoRaWAN network, in turn, is a wireless technology that is popular among smart utilities, providing high throughput and great range. It also provides full flexibility of management smart metering data as an interoperable solution. LoRaWAN is a standardized wireless technology that links devices to each other using existing mobile networks. It uses the same infrastructure as mobile phones, allowing it to reach areas where conventional connectivity is not available, with low energy consumption.

Additionally, the LoRaWAN network is ideal for utility companies because it does not require upfront investments from suppliers and boasts high building penetration and good coverage. This technology is especially useful for smart meter reading, as it enables utilities to forecast energy usage and production patterns. IoT technology can help both businesses and homeowners alike to aid in reducing water consumption and optimizing energy distribution through efficient metering. The integration of IoT smart metering solutions and streamlined data collection allows for lower energy bills for the end-consumers and a reduced carbon footprint.

What Exactly Can You Measure?
Water Consumption

Smart metering IoT devices are ideal for smart cities as they can provide in-depth analysis of water resources consumption, gas usage, and electricity. IoT smart metering technology enables a more streamlined approach to water and energy metering operations for customers, living in a smart city. By equipping metering systems with the Internet of Things, smart cities can efficiently and remotely collect metering data and drive down costs associated with labor, fuel consumption, and human error. LoRaWAN platform, in turn, enables the connection of every metering device to the network.

Benefits IoT can Bring

IoT smart metering solutions will help utilities manage smart infrastructure and smart cities more effectively. What is more, LoRaWAN network technology has low power consumption, which will be an advantage for utility companies as it will allow them to scale operations. It will also reduce the cost of installing smart utilities as they will no longer require their separate platform or server to be used. In addition, the implementation of IoT platforms and IoT smart devices for metering will be a beneficial solution for many industries because of their low power consumption, easy access, reliable software, and high level of connectivity. For example, the smart metering solution can benefit the water industry as smart water meters can meter water consumption in real-time, sending alerts when it is overused. The utility industry can also use smart meter solutions to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs, monitoring gas and electricity usage.

There is also some other benefits Internet of Things can bring to utility providers and end-customers. The first advantage smart meter devices can bring is the reduced truck roll for sensor data collection. Here, we should also note cost savings due to reduced fuel consumption (in comparison to the city averages) and staffing requirements. Additionally, smart meters allow immense time savings as data collection for neighborhoods shifts from hours/days to seconds/minutes. Strategic mapping of data collection routes, in turn, simplifies the tracking and monitoring of data flowing. Additionally, two-way communication accommodates “pinging” for access to specific smart meters at any time. These are just a small part of smart metering benefits, and you can really increase the efficiency of your home or company with IoT applications.

Areas of Application
Residential Houses
Manufacturing Facilities
Commercial Buildings

Smart meters are arguably one of the most prevalent IoT solutions used across all industries. Smart meter devices have one of the most predictable ROI and therefore, it’s natural that companies start using smart meters for the first time utilizing IoT technology. It is especially true for the energy industry since their consumers can almost immediately see how smart utilities improve device management, increase efficiency, and connect all the services. Smart meters can be also in manufacturing facilities as they help reduce electricity costs by setting power usage and water usage limits. Additionally, smart city building associations can integrate smart meters into the buildings, so the future residents will be able to manage their utility usage and operating costs from the first day of living there.



Our solution

Smart metering solutions are possible to use and implement when there is a reliable gateway platform, that can connect the IoT devices to the IoT platform and server. New services transfer big amounts of data, so there are high requirements for smart meters. The KONA Micro IoT Gateway, in turn, is a gateway that has long battery life, fast transferring of data, and is fully compatible with the LoRa network. Along with this gateway, we can offer COMFORT, which can be perfect for private users or businesses, which want to have the ability of constant monitoring of light, leaks, or even humidity. This IoT device in connection with KONA Micro IoT Gateway is a perfect example of an IoT solution, which can be incredibly useful in smart infrastructure.

Generally, the integration of a smart metering solution is really beneficial for any sphere as it can save a pretty big amount of money and reduce the footprint. So, we are pretty sure you will find the integration of smart metering solutions useful for your sphere too. That is why you should try IoT-based meters yourself, and make sure it is really helpful and useful for monitoring.

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