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Organize your IoT gateways, sensors and solutions orderly and in one place

By implementing IoT end-to-end solutions, companies can enhance their services and products and solve complex business problems. With IoT, you can gain a competitive edge by offering better products and services, analyzing customers’ preferences, and fine-tuning your pricing policies. IoT solutions also help improve customer service by automating follow-up after-sales, tracking inventory, and environment indicators.

We Offer Well-Organized Dashboard
We Offer Well-Organized Dashboard

TEKTELIC custom applications are created to orderly organize all the IoT devices the user has in one place. Most of our custom applications offer the option of adding different kinds of IoT technologies and filtering them by their purpose, category, or use case simply by using the app.

Our Applications are Easy to Install
Our Applications are Easy to Install

All the applications we offer to the market can be downloaded to your PC or mobile phone. Most of them you still have to download via the link or QR code but we are moving towards placing all of them on the Google Play and App Store for your better comfort.

Suitable for All Use Cases
Suitable for All Use Cases

The applications TEKTELIC has are a good fit for each area in the Internet of Things market. Our applications can be useful for different spheres and are fully compatible with different software, so you don’t need to worry about installing a specific one to work with our custom applications.

Simple Integration into your Systems
Simple Integration into your Systems

With TEKTELIC custom applications, you will not face any issues with their integration into your existing backend or apps without any problems. It is of crucial importance for big enterprises that already have certain software and ecosystems installed.

What is the role of application in a LoRaWAN network?

In a LoRaWAN network, the application plays an important role in managing and utilizing the data collected by the network. It is the end-point in a LoRaWAN network where data becomes actionable and valuable, serving as the interface between the technical infrastructure and the practical applications of the IoT network.

How do applications operate?

Applications in IoT networks primarily focus on data collection from various sources, including sensors or device health information. Since this data comes in different formats, it’s important to standardize it for easier analysis and readability.

Applications like TEKTELIC LOCUS or LeapX allow users to view and analyze different data types from multiple devices simultaneously, simplifying the process of understanding and correlating information. Location data, for instance, is vital in sectors like smart agriculture, smart cities, and logistics, whereas manufacturing and warehousing rely more on specific device metrics. Additionally, a fundamental aspect of these applications is the notification process, which facilitates remote management of IoT devices. Users can receive alerts and respond to them, enabling them to address issues or adjust device operations as needed.

Is it possible to integrate custom applications with TEKTELIC’s sensors and gateways?

Yes, it is possible to integrate custom applications with TEKTELIC’s sensors and gateways. TEKTELIC’s devices are designed to be compatible with various third-party applications, allowing for flexibility in how you use and manage the data collected from their sensors and gateways. This means you can utilize your own software solutions to analyze, monitor, and control the devices according to your specific needs and requirements. However, it’s important to ensure that your applications are compatible with the protocols and standards used by TEKTELIC’s devices for seamless integration and operation.