TEKTELIC Solutions for Agriculture

Real-time data collection for results-driven decisions on crop health, livestock well-being, and asset tracking of farming equipment

Asset Tracking
Crops Monitoring
Environmental Monitoring
Precision Agriculture
Smart Water Management

What is Smart Agriculture?

Smart Agriculture is a modern way of farming that uses advanced technology, including IoT, to increase farm productivity while reducing human labor. IoT technologies can provide farmers with key metrics about their crops, such as moisture levels, ambient temperature and humidity, livestock health, and asset location. Farmers can visualize this information in real-time using an online dashboard or mobile-based application. Smart Agriculture is an innovative way to use available resources best. 

How Do TEKTELIC Smart Agriculture Solutions Work?

TEKTELIC sensors for Smart Agriculture collect information about soil moisture and temperature, as well as ambient humidity, light, and temperature levels. When the data is collected, sensors send it to the LoRaWAN®, which forwards it to the network server. From the network server, data packets go to our or 3-d party application, where users can visualize and analyze the measurements. 

Our Agricultural Sensors come in 2 deployment options:

A surface mounting option is perfect for private farms and gardens, as any worker can easily deploy it on the surface. An elevated mounting option is ideal for public parks and gardens as the sensor will be placed further from the public, preventing accidental damage or theft. Besides, both sensors have an extensive battery life of up to 10 years, making them a worthy long-term investment in agriculture.

Crops Monitoring
Irrigation & Soil Moisture Monitoring
Precision Agriculture
Weather Conditions Monitoring


TEKTELIC offers long-lasting agricultural sensors that are easily compatible with 3d party applications and fully integrated into the LoRaWAN® ecosystem. Our sensors can be customized and have different deployment options for various use cases. We would like to highlight that TEKTELIC has all the necessary certifications for deployment and can guarantee that your data will be protected with our IoT devices.  

One of the biggest reasons to choose TEKTELIC is LoRaWAN® gateways coverage and rugged enclosure for outdoor deployments. A single LoRaWAN® gateway deployed on a pole, roof, or wall can easily cover up to 15 kilometers (about 9.32 mi). We have the largest gateway portfolio of LoRaWAN® gateways on the market, and you will easily find the one for your needs and scale. As the final touch, TEKTELIC outdoor gateways are Carrier Grade, which means they have lighting protection, built-in RF cavity filters, and can sustain extreme weather conditions. 

Biggest gateway portfolio
Carrie Grade Design
Long Battery Life
Long-range coverage

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