TEKTELIC IoT Solutions for Smart Cities

Continuous data collection for practical solutions such as improving public transportation systems and infrastructure, as well as optimizing communication technologies

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What is Smart City?

A Smart City uses technology, including the Internet of Things (IoT), to improve various aspects of urban life, such as transportation, infrastructure, communication, energy, waste management, and security. A smart city projects typically utilizes wireless networks and sensors to connect and monitor a vast network of data-generating devices and meters, one of which is LoRaWAN®. As a rule, a smart city aims to reduce costs, improve livability, and improve the experience of its citizens. 

How Do TEKTELIC Smart City Solutions Work?  

TEKTELIC offers an extensive variety of gateways for Smart Cities to connect smart parking sensors, location trackers, and industrial monitors. TEKTELIC gateways collect data from the LoRaWAN® sensors around the city through data packets. Then, they send it over to the network server, and the network server forwards the data to an application 

In our gateway portfolio, you can find a variety of units with different numbers of channels, levels of protection (IP67 or ATEX certified), and the number of messages they can process during the day. With such a considerable number of options, municipalities and city infrastructure companies will be able to find a gateway suitable for all scales and budgets.

Air Quality Monitoring
Temperature & Humidity
Room Occupancy


TEKTELIC has the biggest portfolio of LoRaWAN® gateways in the market, which makes it a perfect choice for any scale of deployment. Our outdoor gateways have IP67 protection, lighting protection, and RF cavity filters, which allow for out-of-band rejection of interference from other networks, such as Cellular and paging, which are present in urbanized areas. LoRaWAN® gateways have an extensive coverage range of up to 15 km (about 9.32 mi), so a single gateway can gather data from thousands of sensors in the area. 

Another reason to choose TEKTELIC for Smart City automation is our experience with such deployments and partnerships with governments and city infrastructure.

TEKTELIC has successfully implemented gateways in:

TEKTELIC with its rich experience in the IoT sphere, particularly in smart cities, is the ideal provider for those who just start building IoT infrastructure and those who want to add components to an already existing one.  

End-to-end solutions
Out of the box deployment
Long-range coverage
Biggest gateway portfolio
Smart Cities

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