TEKTELIC Solutions for Smart Buildings

Real-time data collection for the most efficient decisions on maintenance, occupant comfort, and energy consumption

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What is a Smart Building?

A Smart Building uses Internet of Things technologies to collect data and make decisions on the usage, maintenance, and operation of crucial building assets. Smart building concepts can be realized in residential homes, offices, commercial buildings, workplaces, factories, and warehouses. The main benefits of Smart Buildings, in turn, include:

  • environmental control automation
  • data-driven decisions
  • optimized building management
  • increased occupants' comfort. 

How Do TEKTELIC Smart Building Solutions Work?

TEKTELIC Smart Building sensors gather data about the environment:

  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Motion
  • CO2 level
  • Occupancy etc.

After that, the data is transmitted to the LoRaWAN® gateway, and packets are forwarded to the network server, which sends the packets to the application or E-Ink display, where users can visualize, analyze, and interpret data.

With our applications for indoor environment monitoring or room occupancy monitoring, you can get real-time updates on conference room availability or air quality and take suitable action.

For instance, if CO2 or temperature is too high, a building manager can regulate the HVAC system accordingly to ensure the best comfort level for guests. The same applies to the room booking application, hotel management can examine the most popular rooms, and peak times of usage and, based on this, add more guest rooms or conversely repurpose seldom used ones.  

Air Quality Monitoring
Temperature & Humidity
Room Occupancy

Additionally, room occupancy status and environmental conditions can also be shown on the E-ink display for better guests comfort. They can be mounted on the wall near the meeting room entrances so hotel visitors can check the available time slots and book the space immediately. As for environmental conditions and air quality, such displays can be deployed inside the rooms so guests can check and adjust the HVAC systemCheck out TEKTELIC devices:

  • BREEZE - Indoor Air Quality & CO2 Monitor
  • COMFORT - LoRaWAN device for Leak Detection
  • TEMPO - Meeting Room Display Tablet
  • MEMO - Multi-Purpose Display Tablet
  • TUNDRA - Cold Chain Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • FINCH - Indoor Panic Button
  • SPARROW - Indoor Asset Tracker Device


TEKTELIC provides a wide range of sensors and applications to help you create a Smart Building ecosystem. Our solutions are designed to enhance:

  • Personnel comfort, safety and satisfaction
  • Learn more about personnel needs and preferences
  • Optimize operational efficiency
  • Reduce operating and energy costs
  • Increase the productivity of your business
You can easily deploy and integrate our devices into your existing infrastructure without additional equipment or a complex setup.

At the same time, TEKTELIC offers end-to-end solutions that work out of the box if you need to build an IoT infrastructure from scratch. 

One more solid reason to choose TEKTELIC is the long battery life of our devices and gateways, which don’t require any maintenance for up to 10 years. Moreover, even our wireless E-ink displays work without a battery change for up to 1 year, which makes them a perfect investment in smart infrastructure and significantly decreases maintenance costs.  

End-to-end solutions
Out of the box deployment
Long-range coverage
Biggest gateway portfolio
Smart Buildings

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