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Improving healthcare outcomes and patient safety with smart sensors and IoT solutions

Hospital Management
Patients’ Health Tracking
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What is Smart Healthcare?

Smart Healthcare is a health service system that uses technology, such as wearable devices, asset trackers, and environmental monitors, to dynamically access information and connect people, materials, and institutions related to healthcare. Smart healthcare actively develops to allow medical professionals to manage and respond to medical ecosystem needs effectively. The Internet of Things also makes healthcare more efficient, more convenient, and more personalized for each patient. 

How Do TEKTELIC Healthcare Solutions Work 

TEKTELIC Wearable sensors:

Gather data on patient vital signs (body temperature, respiration rate, chest expansion, etc.) and then send it to the LoRaWAN® gateway so it can forward the data packets to the network server. After that, the network server sends data to our application, where healthcare professionals can search data through the patients, monitor their health conditions in real-time, and generate comprehensive reports. 

Additionally, while transmitting sensitive patient information, devices follow a high-security encryption protocol, so the data is protected and cannot be used by 3d parties. In general, LoRaWAN® is a secure network protocol to use, as it has two primary layers of security to protect messages: encryption and authentication.

The encryption layer uses AES-128 encryption, which is a strong and widely used algorithm, while the authentication layer uses a unique set of keys shared between devices and gateways, which prevents unauthorized devices from connecting to the network and sending data. This helps ensure that medical data sent over the network is only accessible to authorized medical personnel.   

Body Position
Body Temperature
Chest Expansion
Heart Rate
Respiratory Rate


TEKTELIC offers a variety of sensors for the healthcare industry, which are very small in size and easy to use. We offer devices:

That can be added to the existing healthcare infrastructure as well as complete end-to-end solutions, which allow the creation of smart healthcare from scratch. TEKTELIC wearables monitor up to 7 vital signs at once, helping to facilitate patient monitoring both in the hospital and at home.  

TEKTELIC healthcare wearables devices feature a very long battery life of up to 4 months, 

compared to the competitors, who offer devices that must be recharged once in several daysIt makes our devices a long-lasting investment for any size of healthcare facility. 

One more reason to choose TEKTELIC is our experience in the IoT sphere and expertise in different scale deployments. We’ve been in the market for almost 15 years and have distributors all over the world, so we can help launch IoT solutions everywhere, depending on your needs. During these years in the smart tech market, TEKTELIC has managed to achieve excellence in quality, engineering, and service.   

cross platform compatibility
end to end solution
long battery life
15+ Years of Experience

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