High Network Capacity
Ease of Installation
Efficient Management
We make uplinks processing and matching fast & efficiently

TEKTELIC cloud servers provide high-capacity storage, access to files, and facilitate the sharing of data resources on the network. Files are stored on the network server, giving multiple computers access to the same file at the same time. The use of our cloud servers can become a great solution for your business as our servers support applications, databases, resource planning, schedule programs, and photo/video storage.

We Guarantee the Security of the Cloud Server
We Guarantee the Security of the Cloud Server

We provide users with a high level of security with regular updates of the server’s software, regular backups, and automated response to any accidents. All TEKTELIC cloud servers have advanced security protocols, which include Authentication, Authorization & Encryption of data.

Our Servers Won’t Let You Down
Our Servers Won’t Let You Down

Our cloud servers can be a synonym for reliability. Our modern virtualized servers have a large memory capacity to perform various functions. Our cloud servers work following the “fault isolation framework” – if there is any fault occurred in a system, it will be isolated not to affect other processes.

Wide Scalability Options
Wide Scalability Options

There are several options for server scalability TEKTELIC can offer. The first option is horizontal scaling, which refers to adding more servers to the current infrastructure, and a peer-to-peer replication option.

Simple Integration Process
Simple Integration Process

Our cloud servers support other connections and all of this can be done in a matter of minutes. For example, KONA CORE LoRaWAN® Network Server supports MQTT and HTTP Integrations and there’s no problem integrating 3-d party gateways into any of our cloud servers.

What are the operating principles of cloud servers?

Cloud servers are essential components of the LoRaWAN network, responsible for critical tasks such as managing connections with gateways, configuring network settings, and providing secure data storage on cloud platforms.

They offer virtual storage facilities where data from various IoT devices, including sensors and gateways, is stored. Users can transmit data to these servers via the Internet and access or manage it using a web-based interface. This system ensures data safety through redundancy, as cloud storage typically maintains multiple data copies across different servers, enhancing data recovery and security measures.

In operational terms, cloud servers facilitate communication with gateways through specific commands and protocols, authenticate end devices, and manage the deduplication of data transmissions. Cloud servers play a pivotal role in encrypting data received from sensors or gateways, thereby maintaining secure transmission to end devices.

Is it possible to install TEKTELIC’s network server on-premises?

Yes, it is possible to install TEKTELIC’s network server on-premises. This means you can set up and manage the network server locally within your own IT infrastructure.

An on-premises installation gives you full control over the network server, including its management, maintenance, and security, ensuring that you can tailor the setup to meet your specific organizational needs and requirements.

However, it’s important to ensure that your on-premises infrastructure meets the necessary technical specifications for a successful installation and operation of the network server.

Can TEKTELIC’s cloud servers be integrated with existing IoT infrastructures?

Yes, TEKTELIC’s cloud solutions are designed to be compatible and integrable with existing IoT infrastructures. They offer flexible and adaptable cloud services that can work alongside various IoT platforms and devices. This integration capability allows businesses to enhance their current IoT systems with TEKTELIC’s advanced cloud services without the need for significant overhauls or replacements.

TEKTELIC focuses on ensuring their solutions can seamlessly connect with a wide range of sensors, gateways, and other IoT components, regardless of the original manufacturer, to provide a cohesive and efficient IoT ecosystem. This approach enables businesses to leverage their existing investments in IoT infrastructure while benefiting from the added features and capabilities of TEKTELIC’s cloud offerings.

How to Increase the Security of the Server?

Taking a few steps to increase the security of your server is an excellent way to protect your online data and prevent your server from being hacked. You can prevent bad actors from gaining access to your server page by disabling the root user via SSH. By default, a root user has access to everything and once an attacker has access to a server via SSH, they already have half of the information they need to gain access. Disabling the root user login and default password will also prevent the root user from being able to log in. By disabling the root user login, you can prevent casual brute-force attacks and make your server more secure.

Another way to secure your cloud server is to enable two-factor authentication. You can significantly increase the security of your server by enabling two-factor authentication. It works by requiring the user to authenticate themselves in an additional way when accessing the server. This method is far more secure than password-based logins. Enabling two-factor authentication is a good idea for many businesses and it can help you create an additional protection layer for the IoT system you have. Not only does it make it difficult for attackers to access your server, but it also helps you keep your device users safe.