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Our IoT-based gateways provide an important bridge between IoT sensors and the network. They serve as hardware hubs that facilitate the flow of multidirectional information. The IoT-LoRaWAN based gateway is a central part of the IoT ecosystem, enabling the collection of data and sending it to the cloud platform. As a result, TEKTELIC gateways can improve the overall security of your network.

Secure Connection
We Offer Secure Connection

Since TEKTELIC gateways are based on the LoRaWAN technology, they provide you with a very reliable and scalable solution. The gateway’s firewall ensures that only authorized users can access your system, while the encryption feature protects your data from being intercepted.

Our Gateways Work in Extreme Environments
Our Gateways Work in Extreme Environments

Our industrial-grade gateways are designed to withstand the harshest conditions and environments. They work reliably even in the toughest circumstances, can withstand extreme temperatures, vibrations, and shock.

We Have an Extensive Gateway Portfolio
We Have an Extensive Gateway Portfolio

TEKTELIC is proud to have a pretty wide and extensive portfolio of gateways. We offer a range of reliable gateways for indoor and outdoor environments, as well as a variety of options for logistics and hard RF environments. You may easily choose a gateway suitable for your need.

Our Gateways can be Customized
Our Gateways can be Customized

We always offer our customers the best suitable options for them in terms of gateways features and capabilities. We are a fully customer-oriented company, and can add such features as location tracking or Wi-Fi integration on your request.

How do IoT Gateways Work?

Gateways are devices that connect other appliances to a wider network. They act as a bridge between these devices and the wider network, allowing them to communicate with each other and exchange data. These devices we are talking about can also be virtual. This way, you can easily connect them to the cloud without a need for extra connections, and store the data in a central location. IoT gateways are essential for connecting any smart things you have to the outside world.

Why Do our Gateways operate on a LoRaWAN Network?

The LoRaWAN network is the perfect choice for connecting gateways, sensors, and systems across a wider area. It offers carrier-grade coverage and reliability, and its low power consumption being cost-effective ensures that devices will operate for years on a single battery charge. In addition, the LoRaWAN network has a high level of security and scalability, which makes it the ideal choice for industrial applications, smart agriculture, and smart cities and industrial IoT.

LoRaWAN gateway solutions have extensive functionality and can decrease the total cost of ownership. LoRaWAN IoT gateways can be called low-cost since they require minimal infrastructure for deployment and can be mounted at the walls, polls or ontop of buildings. The ecosystem of LoRaWAN connected devices is rapidly growing due to open software and increased accessibility.

Another important point why TEKTELIC Communications Inc. bases all of our sensors, solutions, and gateways on LoRaWAN is that this network can transmit data and contact other devices from far away distances of up to 15 km. In indoor environments, LoRaWAN gateway technology can operate with full capacity and is perfect for any company as it easily connects an almost unlimited number of sensors and solutions.

Long Range
Long Battery Life
Multi Usage
Low Cost
What Is the Difference between Outdoor & Indoor Gateways?

TEKTELIC offers both outdoor and indoor IoT-based gateways to meet all deployment conditions. Our Outdoor gateways are rugged and weatherproof, which is perfect for deployment in harsh environments. The usual indoor TEKTELIC gateway, in turn, is designed for use in office buildings and other indoor settings. Both types of gateways offer superior performance and coverage and are suitable for an extensive range of vertical applications. So, if you choose to base your end-to-end solutions or any kind of devices on the Internet of Things you should consider buying our best in class and carrier-grade gateway, which is proven to be best for custom applications and other commercial purposes.

What constitutes a Carrier-Grade design?

Carrier grade design refers to a system, hardware or software component that is extremely reliable, well tested and proven in its capabilities. Carrier grade systems are tested and engineered to meet or exceed “five nines” high availability standards, and provide very fast fault recovery through redundancy (normally less than 50 milliseconds).

The initial Carrier Grade requirements were focused on public wired and later wireless telecom infrastructures. Later the same Carrier Grade requirements were adopted to the critical infrastructures such as VoIP and the Internet at large.

The classic telecom Carrier Grade specifications focus on:

  • Network Availability (so called 5 9s or 6 9s)
  • Performance (best Key Performance Indicators for type of product)
  • Security (product and network)
  • Maintenance (operation and evolution).

For any product to meet Carrier Grade requirements there are many relative standards and product specifications they have to meet depending on the network and deployment. However, there are 12 key areas that any Carrier Grade product must address. The developers and operators should also understand the Carrier Grade LoRaWAN Gateway design implementation, specifications and their importance.

What are the Advantages of Using IoT-Based Gateways?

There are many advantages to the use of IoT-based gateways. Gateways can help your organization with a digital transformation.  By enabling a secure ecosystem, these devices can collect and share data on the cloud. As a result, you can improve overall security of your IoT network since the data transmitted by the LoRaWAN network will be encrypted.