LeapX Mobile Application

Activate your IoT Gateways & Devices in just a few easy steps

Easier than ever to activate your IoT Network

About LeapX

The TEKTELIC LeapX Application is a comprehensive, simple to use tool allowing users to quickly and seamlessly activate their IoT Gateways and Devices in just a few easy steps. LeapX gives users the ability to securely add their Gateway or Device to their Network Server account by simply scanning a QR code. Upon activation, users can utilize the app to visualize the data being collected by their Device within seconds.
TEKTELIC LeapX makes it easier than ever to activate your IoT network, allowing you to make smart, timely decisions with your valuable data.

Goal of the application

Mobile application for the end user that allows to have and manage all end users devices in one place – users account. End user is able to add all devices and Gateways by scanning devices QR codes via the phone app. To make it work, you should scan your gateway first and after add sensors.

The end user may access the application through the mobile app interface.

sign in with existing NS account

add gateways and sensors
scan gateways/sensors QR
codes via phone app
all devices details are set by default
edit names of gateways and sensors
delete gateways and sensors
display sensor data

Activate your device in just
a few easy steps

Activation Process

The app is easy to install and offers a wealth of features that enable you to view and analyze data collected by IoT devices.

01. Download Application

02. Login

03. Scan QR Code on Device/Gateway

Download LeapX today in the Google Play and App Store