KONA CORE LoRaWAN® Network Server

An integral component
of the LoRaWAN®

This robust server allows end-users to remotely provision and manage their deployed Gateways and Devices while granting and protecting access to the LoRaWAN® network and providing a secure data transport from gateways to applications.

The server provides downlink traffic steering based on RF information and provides an uplink interface to the application layer of the network giving users visibility to their data and allowing them to make smart decisions. The server provides scalability, security, and reliable data routing.

User Friendly Graphical Interface

Supports all regional frequency plans

MQTT NS-GW interface for improved security
and reliability

Accommodates both FDD and TDD Operation

Highly Scalable Architecture

Carrier Grade Reliability (>five 9s)

LoRaWAN® Version 1.0.X and 1.1

Customer and End User Profile Options

Supports Semtech Classic Packet Forwarder (for compatibility)


Supports MQTT and HTTP Integrations

Cloud based (SaaS), Private Cloud, or On Premise

KONA CORE LoRaWAN® Technology provides a highly secure and reliable platform for LoRaWAN® connectivity. Its service oriented architecture has no single point of failure and is horizontally scalable.

carrier grade differentiators

Geolocation Server
Configuration & Provisioning Server
Support of TEKTELIC & 3rd Party Gateways
Application Platform

LoRaWAN® Standards