Air Quality Monitoring and HVAC Optimization

Utilizing LoRaWAN® Connectivity

Smart Air Quality Solution 

92% of our time on average is spent indoors, which makes the monitoring of indoor air quality of utmost importance for our health and well-being. Talkpool’s LoRaWAN® solution is designed to notify building occupants with an automated warning message when the indoor air quality passes a critical threshold, with an option to pair with a smart ventilation system for immediate corrective action. One of the greatest values of Talkpool’s solution is that it has a synergistic effect on existing building management systems, by enhancing the existing major BMS systems with data and intelligence in an easy way. 

Talkpool has been implementing a suite of LoRaWAN® Sensors with coverage provided by TEKTELIC’s LoRaWAN® Gateways in their customers homes to provide a number of benefits such as:  

Heating/cooling optimization 

  • Stable indoor climate 

  • Self-learning AI 

  • Energy Reduction 

Improved Air Quality 

  • Control of CO2, temperature & Humidity 

Improved Health 

  • Control of particles 

  • Air-cleaner & filter operation 

Talkpool has successfully implemented LoRaWAN® air quality monitoring sensors and TEKTELIC’s best in class KONA Micro gateways to provide an important End-to-End IoT solution to its customers. The KONA Micro Gateway is market-leading 8-channel LoRaWAN® Gateway solution which has the capacity to simultaneously send and receive hundreds of messages every second from the devices deployed in its vicinity. Equipped with a 4-6-hour battery backup, the KONA Micro Gateway will continue to operate even in the event of power loss to the main site, so residents can continue to be protected at all times. 

To learn more about TalkPool IoT solutions please visit the website.

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