Let’s Make the World Smarter Together

We are not only about products; we are about creating opportunities for future generations
Working at TEKTELIC Brings you Closer to the Smart World

TEKTELIC is a leading producer of IoT sensors, gateways, and solutions. We offer reliable and long-lasting devices for customers around the globe. Working with us, you will become a part of the IoT community, making the environment better for living in.

Create great products
We Offer Secure Connection

As a product company, we design all our sensors, gateways, and solution components in-house – including both devices and software. You will have the opportunity to contribute to technical decisions and design, offer your vision, and participate in the full product life cycle from the idea to the delivery.

Never stop evolving
Never stop evolving

TEKTELIC creates new work experience, enabling you to master your skills with professional courses, individual development plans, and mentoring. Working in a friendly team, you can generate ideas, get involved, influence the operational process, and achieve new heights. We also offer English courses and guarantee timely performance reviews.

Take care of your mental & physical health
Take care of your mental & physical health

We cover 100% of your medical expenses from the first working day, including dental care and massage courses. On top of that, TEKTELIC offers you well-being coverage, which includes sports or recreational activities.

Have fun
Have fun

We understand the importance of work-life balance, and that is why there is a significant portion of fun in our company. You can enjoy a pizza Friday, breaks for table tennis battles, and great winter and summer parties with your colleagues. As soon as you become a part of the TEK family, you will have no time to get bored.

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Research & Development
Impossible is our favorite starting point

One of the best ways to develop your skills and knowledge in IT is to join our R&D team. Being a part of the TEKTELIC R&D team not only gives you a competitive salary but also benefits your professional development. As a member of an R&D department, you’ll be part of a dynamic team that works together to solve problems and find innovative solutions.

You’ll be able to share your knowledge and experience with your colleagues, helping them to make better and more effective decisions. Besides, you will have a regular catch-up session with your team leaders, so you may always ask for help. We keep lines of communication open and work together for TEKTELIC as one.

Quality Assurance
No Compromises on Quality

Becoming a part of a QA team has a wide range of benefits. As a team, you can collaborate on quality assurance tasks and ensure that all possible issues are foreseen and eliminated. You’ll be responsible for ensuring that the products and services we create meet the quality standards set forth.
Quality is essential to the business objectives of our company, and you will be the one who ensures it. As a member of a QA team, you’ll gain valuable skills in creative problem-solving. This role is incredibly rewarding, since starting from here you will become a specialist in our hardware and software, and have enormous space for professional development.

No Limits for Creativity

As a part of the marketing team, you will not only highlight the best sides of TEKTELIC products and services, but you will also contribute to the strategic direction of the company. As a result, you’ll be the one establishing long-lasting business relationships with our target audience. You’ll have the opportunity to expand your marketing knowledge and contribute more to your company’s marketing initiatives. Whether you’re a content marketer, a copywriter, or an SEO expert, you’ll be able to bring a diverse set of perspectives and talents to the table. And, of course, you’ll never get bored, which is a key benefit being part of a marketing team.

Sales & business development
Connect TEKTELIC to the Global IoT Ecosystem

By becoming a part of the sales team, you become a TEKTELIC representative. It is a role of huge responsibility but of enormous importance as well. Working in a sales team is a career that is rewarding, exciting, and never boring. You have to be a good negotiator, leader, and consultant as well to be 100% effective in this role.

It may seem to you that working in the sales department is overdemanding, but it is also really rewarding. You can improve your communication skills, visit the best world conferences, meet with our clients and become one of TEKTELIC’s most recognizable faces. Your job will be complete of tasks but also full of valuable experiences and events.

We Keep our Finances Organized

Accuracy is crucial to our company. So, we need people responsible for keeping the company’s finances in order, as well as keeping it competitive. You will become a part of a team that breaks down the long-term vision of the company into steps that can be taken immediately. The financial team is responsible for building an intentional data architecture to provide complete visibility into numbers.

As a finance team member, you will benefit from various career opportunities. You will be responsible for managing capital and developing a financial strategy. From your team lead, you will learn how to manage the finances of the global company, how to keep it in order, and how to increase profits. As a finance professional, you will be the person who sustains the smooth financial development of TEKTELIC.

Ideal Workspace is a Reality… with You

Becoming part of the administration team means you’ll be involved in various tasks, from budget management to planning office events. You’ll also be responsible for hiring company employees and support staff. You may spend one day planning an office party, while another might involve meeting with the CEO. Ultimately, administrative professionals enjoy a variety of job descriptions, including the ability to work independently and multitask. As soon as you become a part of the administration department, you will learn a lot of things which will also be helpful in your daily life.