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11 July 2022

11 July 2022

TEKTELIC Announces the Launch of a New Website

TEKTELIC Announces the Launch of a New Website
TEKTELIC Announces the Launch of a New Website

TEKTELIC is constantly working on the improvement of customer experience and a new website has been developed for simpler navigation through our products and faster connection with our sales team and distributors. On the TEKTELIC new website, you can easily search for the necessary use case, related news, and end-to-end solutions for a particular issue. 

Calgary, Canada, July 2022, TEKTELIC Communications is the leading supplier of Internet of Things (IoT) products, including Sensors, IoT Gateways, and End-to-End IoT Solutions. TEKTELIC products address the rapidly increasing data needs in a variety of vertical applications such as Smart Cities, Smart Metering, Agriculture, Asset Tracking, and other areas. As a LoRaWAN® ecosystem global association member, TEKTELIC ensures secure LPWAN connectivity for industrial facilities, critical infrastructure deployments, and smart cities. 

TEKTELIC products follow the LoRaWAN® standard, which guarantees smooth deployment, more flexible connectivity management, ubiquitous coverage, and high reliability. The new website is the next step to digital transformation and improvement. On the new TEKTELIC website, you can check company news, read educational articles, and keep posted on all the events we are participating in.  

Our main goal with the new website is to enable visitors comprehensively explore not only TEKTELIC devices and decide on necessary products, but see a variety of end-to-end solutions we produce. The new website supports faster data transmission, so it works more efficiently. The user-friendly interface adapts to the mobile version and you can discover the deployment options using whatever device you want. In the success stories section, you will find actual results, which can be expected from particular Internet of Things devices to help you decide on the best connectivity options. 

On the new website, you could find a separate page for each type of product such as IoT Sensors, Gateways, End-to-End Solutions, Cloud Servers, and Applications. Gateways and sensors are now presented in the most comprehensive manner showing possible use cases and related success stories. The new end-to-end solutions sector showcases ready-to-use sets for building management, healthcare, and agriculture with more to come. Now, we also have a page for Cloud Servers, which work in the LoRaWAN® network, explaining how they can be applied to the enterprise and highlighting their main features. TEKTELIC is also actively working on new consumer applications, which you can discover by checking the applications page. 


TEKTELIC Communications is an IoT provider, which has the largest portfolio of LoRaWAN® gateways in the IoT market to enable widespread connectivity. The company allocates most of its R&D resources to developing IoT Gateways, Devices, Applications, and End-to-End Solutions. TEKTELIC is aiming to establish a multi-nationwide network using its gateways, with more products and communication components added each year. More detailed information about the possibilities of LoRaWAN® network infrastructure you can find on the website

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