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TEKTELIC BREEZE application is an ideal solution for remote monitoring of air conditions at home, office, or public buildings. With this new app, users can access measurements from BREEZE and BREEZE-V using their mobile phones. It is extremely easy to add new devices to the app, all needed is to scan a QR code or manually enter a serial number. 

BREEZE provides ensured access to the air quality measurements and helps to keep CO2 levels within an acceptable norm.  

Goal of the application

BREEZE app is designed and created to simplify access to BREEZE & BREEZE-V measurements. With the application, users are not bound to the E-Ink display anymore and can check whether CO2 levels are within the normal range remotely. BREEZE app gives users constant control over their indoor environment. 

Add sensors and gateways via QR codes,
T-code & serial number

Assign names to sensor and gateways
Delete and manage devices
View sensor measurements and status
View colored indications of CO2 levels
Secure account access
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