TEMPO Room Booking Application

Real-time occupancy status

Easier than ever to manage your conference room bookings


TEKTELIC TEMPO Room Booking is a sleek and efficient way to manage your conference room bookings. It offers real-time occupancy status so that you can save time, and effort by knowing the availability of each room in advance.

The Microsoft Outlook integration offers enterprise-grade features at an incredibly low cost while Google Calendar compatibility allows planners easy access through one source toolkit across their offices (or even home).

Utilization Metrics

Utilization efficiency metrics are the single most important figure when it comes to knowing how efficient your business’s meeting rooms are. This includes but isn’t limited too false booking rates and utilization by room or user, as well as popular hours of usage for each type of room based on their purpose. With TEMPO Room Booking, it is possible to have all the above-mentioned data in one app.

Provides detailed analytics on room occupancy
Integrated with Outlook, Google etc.
Allows coordinating room bookings remotely
Understand utilization demand and trends by room and user
display sensor data
Smart Office
Shared Work Spaces
Schools & Universities
Public Libraries
Medical Clinics

Basic Features

  • Availability Status
  • Key Information:
    • Location
    • Capacity
    • Available AV Equipment
  • Device Activation Status by Room
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Various User Roles for Custom Accessibility and Security
Visualization of Past, Current and Upcoming Bookings
Real Time Room Booking Status
Booking Statistics by Room, User, Time
Device Identification
Current Device Activation Status
Real Time Battery Percentage by Device with Built-In Alerts