Designed to simplify the management of LoRaWAN® Gateways

The KONA Element OA&M Server is a comprehensive LoRaWAN® Network tool designed to configure, monitor, and optimize the performance of all gateways in the customer’s network. It features an intuitive interface that makes it easy for users (especially beginners) to understand what they need when managing their own gateway operation while being integrated seamlessly into TEKTELIC’s end-to-end solution for implementing long-range communications capabilities on the devices such as IoT sensors.

KONA Element OA&M Server can be used for configuration, monitoring, and performance optimization, designed to simplify the management of LoRaWAN Gateways. It includes a comprehensive set of features to ensure optimum Gateway  performance and extend its lifespan. With its robust feature set, KONA Element Server is the perfect tool for your LoRaWAN deployments.

Available to any operator who has deployed a LoRaWAN® network with TEKTELIC gateways

Enables operators to simply action the update of essential software when needed, including

  • BSP Upgrades
  • File transfers
  • New package installs and patches that can all be remotely managed

Gives operators the ability to easily set, modify or delete a cellular APN

Allows operators to remotely choose their preferred backhaul configuration and change the fallback interface as needed

Allows operators to establish Secure Shell sessions via reverse SSH

  • Q&M Functions
  • Basic Features