A Key Technology to Creating a Healthy Indoor Environment

Sensational Systems - TEKTELIC’s official distributor in the United Kingdom, has successfully deployed many IoT solutions for power measurement, industrial process control, car park occupancy and indoor environment monitoring, which is described in this article.


Our Partner, goldeni is a data analytics company and part of the Morgan Sindall Group PLC, one of the UK's leading construction and regeneration groups. They are experienced in delivering integrated property services, construction, infrastructure, partnership housing and urban regeneration present a software platform that helps property services teams improve the health of residential and commercial properties.


The Challenge

When monitoring a healthy indoor environment, the parameters of the indoor climate including temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, adequate ventilation etc., are all directly tied into overall wellbeing. Building operators need a solution to gain remote intelligence on building conditions to monitor indoor climates. By having this information, they could proactively intervene to maintain optimal climate conditions In Short, there is a lack of low-cost, end-to-end solutions available capable of ensuring that every home is not only a safe and healthy environment, but can also do so in a way that gives the end user complete control in an end-to-end user-friendly interface.


The Solution

Through a series of connected sensors and devices, goldeni provides insights into home health, safety and environmental impact. It delivers real-time data and actionable insights to service and maintenance teams. Empowering landlords with preventative building and asset maintenance services that will reduce property disrepair and improve the energy efficiency of homes while reducing their impact on the environment. To support Morgan Sindall in these efforts, TEKTELIC is providing TEKTELIC’s Smart Room Sensor, as the industry leading versatile LoRaWAN® sensor with many observational capabilities, real-time data uploads, easy set up and minimal installation requirements.


The Smart Room Sensor-Base,  is capable of measuring and reporting temperature, humidity, light, movement, motion, shock, detecting leaks, open/closed doors and windows. It also supports battery status updates for easy maintenance. This data is then shared via advanced goldeni technology to ensure that each property meets all the high requirements.



Building operators access goldeni to gain remote intelligence on building conditions and if conditions deviate from pre-configured settings, property services teams are alerted to the fault often before the building occupier is aware.


  • goldeni is committed to actively supporting social housing associations and their tenants to help them better respond to the issues of energy efficiencywithin their homes and also identify those homes that are in fuel poverty.


  • goldeni provides both remote preventative maintenance and energy savings support by turning data from the variety of deployed sensors into actionable insights.


  • goldeni supports the smart city revolution seamlessly, building a network of intelligent buildings for each borough, village, town and city via IoT technology


To learn more about TEKTELIC’s complete End-to-End IoT solutions, please visit www.tektelic.com or contact info@tektelic.com


To learn more about Morgan Sindall and goldeni, please visit www.morgansindall.com and https://goldeni.com


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