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28 April 2021

28 April 2021

LoRaWAN ® for Temperature Sensitive Vaccine Storage

LoRaWAN ® for Temperature Sensitive Vaccine Storage
LoRaWAN ® for Temperature Sensitive Vaccine Storage

Reliable network connectivity and accurate data collection with TEKTELIC TUNDRA Sensor and KONA Micro Gateway

In today’s COVID world, IoT solutions are being deployed to address various Use Cases that have emerged or become more prominent in the wake of the global pandemic. IoT solutions for Contact Tracing, Social Distancing, and Continuous Health Monitoring are being integrated into healthcare facilities, workplaces, and high-density residences worldwide. Additionally, the logistical requirements associated with mass vaccine distribution have also presented an opportunity for IoT solutions to be utilized for streamlined and reliable distribution.


Over the past year, the world’s brightest scientists and pharmaceutical companies have organized to develop vaccines at an unprecedented rate. The next major challenge is the logistical complexity of distributing these vaccines globally. This has presented a unique challenge, as many of the vaccines are required to be kept at extremely low temperatures as they are transported and stored, prior to injection.


To ensure that the vaccines are kept at the right temperature, it is imperative to always have real-time visibility into the environmental conditions where the vaccines are being stored. Pilot Things (  has developed a solution called Vaccine Guardian that allows you to track the temperature of vaccine storage on your phone in real-time. The Vaccine Guardian is an end-to-end LoRaWAN® solution that efficiently tackles this storage challenge. Pilot Things has developed a user-friendly application to allow users to quickly and easily visualize the temperature data and be notified of potential issues requiring urgent attention. To get data into the application, Pilot Things is working with TEKTELIC for reliable network connectivity and accurate data collection, specifically utilizing the TEKTELIC TUNDRA and KONA Micro IoT Gateway.

With an operating temperature of -40°C to +85°C, and a battery life of 15 years, the TEKTELIC TUNDRA can be deployed in any environment and display accurate, real-time data on the storage conditions of the vaccine through the Vaccine Guardian Application This data is collected by the highly reliable, market-leading KONA Micro 8-Channel LoRaWAN® Gateway that offers “Always On” connectivity with a 4-hour battery backup in the case of a loss of power, which can be critical to prevent the loss of data collected during an outage.

The Vaccine guardian solution displays real-time data and live updates on the storage conditions of the vaccine, giving the operators accurate information needed to make real-time adjustments to storage conditions as required to ensure the vaccine doses are kept safe and effective.

The Vaccine Guardian solution is now available at Cal-Chip Connected Devices. For more than 40 years, the Cal-Chip team has been perfecting the art of warehousing and distribution of thousands of products, bringing scalability and value add to the industry. Its seasoned leadership team in the IoT Market brings a solid knowledge base and passion to support users from around the globe and connect them with the highest-performing devices available on the market today.


With Vaccine Guardian, Medical Centers, storage centers, and Pharmacies can now track the temperature of vaccine storage on their phone in real-time and receive notifications of abnormal temperatures. The Vaccine Guardian solution benefits are:

  • Simple – No wiring required, just place the sensor. Works with any type of refrigerator.
  • Real-Time – You can check the temperature in real-time and receive alerts from your phone.
  • Temperature historical values reports 
  • Always-On Connectivity – The TEKTELIC KONA Micro Gateway ensures data is always being collected even in the event of a power outage, ensuring the most reliable and accurate data.

The Vaccine Guardian solution is one of many new IoT & LoRaWAN® end-to-end solutions emerging across a wide list of industries as the rapid IoT expansion continues. In today’s world, IoT companies will continue to identify real-world problems that can be solved with connectivity.

Vaccine Guardian is a Pilot Things sensor app and like every app they do, it can be adapted to your needs very quickly.


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