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4 November 2020

4 November 2020

Using LoRaWAN® to Continuously and Remotely Monitor Dementia Patients

Using LoRaWAN® to Continuously and Remotely Monitor Dementia Patients
Using LoRaWAN® to Continuously and Remotely Monitor Dementia Patients

CareBand is a digital health company providing a remote patient-monitoring platform and wander management tool for people living with dementia and related disorders.

The CareBand wander management tool utilizes the long-range capabilities of the LoRaWAN® solution to extend coverage for a few miles around a senior living community, allowing for continuous tracking even if a resident unexpectedly leaves their residence.

CareBand Dementia Monitoring Solution

CareBand has developed a patent-pending dementia monitoring platform and has emerged as one of the first-to-market IoT solutions for seniors and people living with dementia. The CareBand solution takes an innovative approach with machine learning algorithms to satisfy four key mandates:

  1. To keep people with dementia safe and in the least restrictive environment for as long as possible
  2. To provide caregivers with real-time access to monitor neuropsychiatric behaviors of dementia and automated alerts of acute changes in condition to avoid costly hospitalizations
  3. To empower pharmaceutical and research institutions with software tools and data to assist in measuring the efficacy of drugs and therapies for people with dementia
  4. To improve outcomes, drive innovation, and reduce costs for insurers, providers, and government agencies by using CareBand’s proactive technologies.

The system enables caregivers to always have the ability to locate residents in real-time and provide families with greater peace of mind about the safety and security of their loved ones. These devices operate independently of smartphones, WiFi, and traditional cellular networks by integrating the long-range, low-power LoRaWAN® IoT technology.

LoRaWAN® emerged as an ideal technology for the CareBand solution due to its multi-usage capabilities which can accommodate high device capacity in a single network. CareBand utilizes the highly reliable and scalable KONA Micro Gateway from TEKTELIC to provide the “Always On” wireless connectivity for the wander management solution.

The KONA Micro Gateway is a market-leading 8-channel LoRaWAN® Gateway solution that has the capacity to simultaneously send and receive hundreds of messages every second from the devices deployed in its vicinity. Equipped with a 6-hour battery backup, the KONA Micro Gateway will continue to operate even in the event of power loss to the main site, ensuring patients and residents can continue to be protected at all times.

The Partnership between CareBand and TEKTELIC is enabling public health organizations, senior living communities, and families peace of mind in ensuring their loved ones are staying safe and are receiving the best care.

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