Smart Cities

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The Internet of Things allows to manage Cities infrastructure with fewer people and money resources allocated to the same tasks. And still gain better results for a cleaner environment, more free space in public places, less time wastes for citizens, effective budget planning, and many other features.

Whatever the size, population, or any specifics - digital tools will make the processes behind everyday city life transparent, measured, and predicted.ва

Make city navigation and transit faster and easier

Digital tools are revolutionizing urban planning, and smart cities aim to make urban life easier by increasing the efficiency, quality, and accessibility of public services

Smart Public Transit

Real-time payment options; Alerts for service disruptions, delays, and unexpected events.

Traffic Optimisation

Utilize sensors to monitor the flow of vehicles and pedestrians. Optimize routes and govern traffic.

Smart sensors in public and private parking slots navigate drivers to nearby available spaces
Smart Signs

Display relevant and timely information to citizens. Sensors react to external triggers: weather, traffic., etc.

Minimize the loss of resources

Cities can integrate IoT into their infrastructure to automate tasks, monitor and manage equipment, and perform predictive maintenance to reduce operational costs.

Metering (Water, Gas)
Collect and control the resources consumption in real-time mode. Drive down the operational costs by equipping Meters with IoT Tech
Waste Management

Optimize waste collection routes and reduce operational costs, fuel consumption, and emissions.

Implementing smart street lighting systems can deliver a return on investment within five years.

Improve Quality of life in the Community

A wide range of applications exist for IoT technology to sense and report environmental data, which can be used to create recommendations for environmental sustainability.
Air Quality Control

Insights generated from analyzing air quality data can be used to develop environmental sustainability initiatives to reduce harmful emissions.

Urban Agriculture Management

Take better care of city lawns, parks, and gardens with IoT sensors tracking soil moisture, air temperature, and humidity.

Street Cleaning & Snow Removal

Equipping fleet vehicles with IoT technologies, including GPS, enables the city to optimize scheduling and routing,

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Connected Airports
Bridge Stress Management
Flood Monitoring

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