Access Control

What is it?

Access control is a security technique that employs a set of permissions and restrictions to regulate which users can access a facility or device and which operations they can perform. The features of IoT-based access control may include credentials that are simple to manage and update, instant confirmation of access requests, easy interaction with other users, and no need for physical ID, excluding the risk of loss.

How does it work?

Each device in an IoT-based access control system, such as a lock, access controller, or card reader, is granted a unique IP address for communication with one another. Connected to sensors, these devices can respond to triggers of events by performing some action. Additionally, they are linked to their mobile or software applications over wireless networks. Authorized devices get access to the control system due to their assigned IP.

Using a mobile device, one may connect to access control with the help of their digital ID. On the contrary, any malicious activity in the system generates an alert and notification on the mobile or software application in real time.

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