Application Server

What is it? 

The Application Server is software that enables communication between the operating system on one side, external resources on another side, and user apps on the third side. In the context of IoT, the Application Server deals with the network’s application layer. It involves processes like uplink data decryption and decoding, downlink queuing as well as downlink data encoding and encryption.  

How does it work? 

While end devices send application-specific messages, the Application Server is responsible for further processing them.  

Additionally, it is meant to generate all application-layer downlink payloads (actual essential downlink data for sending). Upon generation, it routes these payloads to linked end devices over the Network Server, which manages gateways, end devices, apps, and users in the entire network. 

An IoT network may contain more than a single Application Server. Data assembled by this component is subject to interpretation through techniques, including artificial intelligence and machine learning. The goal is to address business issues with the help of data-driven insights.

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