Channel Plan

What is it? 

A channel plan, or frequency plan, is a term used to denote geo-specific channels and data rates, i.e., amounts of data transported through a network over a particular time period. The data rates and channels in question are required to correspond with LoRaWAN® Regional Parameter for a geographical area or frequency band, meaning a defined collection of electromagnetic frequencies. 

LoRaWAN® devices are configured for a certain channel plan in the course of activation. This way, they can use any channel plan within the limits of their compatible frequency band. 

How does it work? 

LoRaWAN® itself is a networking protocol that operates in a license-free spectrum. As a result, channel plans deal with varying frequencies depending on their geographical area. Standardization of LoRaWAN devices across geographical regions is fostered by official frequency plan recommendations. These are found in the LoRaWAN® Regional Parameters document mentioned above.

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