Direct Digital Control (DDC)

What is it?

A direct digital control (DDC) system is a solution that enables a sensor-equipped computer to automatically control a condition or process. It is typically aligned with a building automation system (BAS) and allows for precise control over heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units. Direct digital control helps to detect and respond to conditions like temperature, humidity, air quality, and pressure. As a result, a DDC system ensures a comfortable environment, increases occupant satisfaction, optimizes energy management, and fosters cost savings. 

How does it work?

DDC is commonly installed in a building’s HVAC system. It comprises the main control panel, sensors that track conditions, and actuators that manage the operation of HVAC units. The control panel is programmed with preferred settings and connected to a computer. At the same time, sensors and actuators are linked to the control panel.  

The function of sensors is to gather data on the building’s conditions and transfer it to the computer. After receiving this information, the computer commands actuators to regulate the HVAC system.

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