End Device

What is it?

An end device is a web-enabled hardware device that serves as either the source or destination of data transferred through a network. For instance, it may be a workstation, laptop, desktop computer, printer, scanner, tablet, or cell phone. End devices play the role of interface between an end user and the communication network.

How does it work?

In terms of classification, end devices are divided into clients and servers. A client is an end device that has software (like a web browser) installed to allow for requesting data from a server and displaying received data.

On the other hand, a server is an end device equipped with software that enables it to supply information and services (e.g., email or web pages) to other end devices.

Differentiation between end devices is possible by their IP addresses. When a particular end device is about to start communication, the IP address of the destination end device indicates where a message is to be delivered.

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