Frequency Band

What is it?

A frequency band is a defined collection of electromagnetic frequencies ranging from lower to higher. To be exact, the frequency spectrum includes extremely low, super low, ultra-low, very low, low, medium, high, very high, ultra-high, super high, extremely high, and tremendously high (terahertz) frequencies. Accordingly, a frequency band has a specific upper and lower limit. It serves to transport a signal through a telecommunication network and helps to regulate energy sent over electromagnetic waves.

How does it work?

Various frequency bands are assigned to particular applications for the transmission of wireless signals. It allows for the coexistence of multiple frequency bands and enables different applications to leverage these bands in an orderly way.

For instance, both a radio and a television set transport a signal within the electromagnetic spectrum. At the same time, these devices may use separate frequency bands, such as very high for radio and ultra-high for TV. It enables these pieces of equipment to avoid interference in each other’s operation.

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