LoRaWAN Frequency

What is it?

LoRaWAN® frequency bands refer to a specified collection of electromagnetic frequencies in which the LoRaWAN® protocol operates. Basically, these are sub-gigahertz frequency bands varying in specification depending on regional requirements.

LoRaWAN® frequency bands for Europe

There are ten channels defined by LoRaWAN® for the European region. 8 channels out of these are multi-data-rate from 250 bps to 5.5 kbps. One channel is operable at a higher data rate with 11 kbps speed and one more at 50 kbps. The maximum power is +14dBM.

LoRaWAN® frequency bands for North America

For North America, LoRaWAN® defines 64, 125 kHz channels from 902.3 to 914.9 MHz increments. Additionally, there are eight 500 KHz uplink channels in 1.6 MHz increments from 903 MHz to 914 MHz.

On the other hand, LoRaWAN® has eight downlink channels, which are 500 kHz wide starting from 923.3 MHz to 927.5 MHz. The maximum output power in this region is +30 dBM.

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