LoRaWAN Regional Parameters

What is it? 

LoRaWAN® Regional Parameters refer to official regional specifications available for download from the LoRa Alliance website. The necessity for these Parameters results from country-specific restrictions that come with the usage of lower radio frequencies with a longer range. This way, the goal of LoRaWAN® Regional Parameters is to accommodate these restrictions and at the same time reach the maximum possible uniformity across different regions. 

How does it work? 

Regional Parameters cover a particular region and specify a common denominator e.g., a subset of channels. However, each network operator in this region’s countries may choose additional parameters. 

The list of LoRaWAN® Regional Parameters divides into physical layer parameters (such as frequency plans, mandatory channel frequencies, and data rates for join-request messages) and LoRaWAN® layer parameters like maximum payload size.

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