Master Systems Integration (MSI)

What is it?

Master systems integration is the consolidation of a building’s technical systems and subsystems into a cohesive whole with a single interface. It helps to increase the utility and responsiveness of the systems, improve the monitoring of assets, eliminate the need to track various interfaces, bolster control over resources, decrease energy demands, reduce staff training requirements, and cut costs. The individual or company in charge of this task is called a master systems integrator (MSI).

How does it work?

An MSI supervises and takes part in the integration of technologies like security systems, fire protection, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), lighting control, and access control systems. Additionally, they verify that building automation is realizable and effective. 

In cooperation with a customer, an MSI devises a plan for systems integration. This embraces the choice of hardware and software components, design of network infrastructure, and deployment of integrated systems. An MSI is also responsible for the coordination of systems installation, ensures they are tested and operated compliantly, and provides continuing maintenance and support.

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