Phasor Measurement Units

What is it? 

A phasor measurement unit, also known as a PMU or synchrophasor, is a critical tool used on electric systems. It serves to increase operators’ visibility into the situation within a grid network. 

How does it work? 

A PMU measures phasor, which provides information about the magnitude and phase angle for the AC voltage or current at a particular location on a power line. This is also designed to figure out frequency as well as determine and analyze system conditions. 

The tool takes up to 60 measurements per second. Additionally, PMU data are time-stamped with the help of GPS data. Other benefits of PMUs include the following: 

  • more accurate modeling of system conditions  
  • prediction and detection of stress and instability on the grid 
  • info for event analysis after a disturbance has happened 
  • prediction and management of line congestion 
  • identification of inefficiencies
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