RTLS Solution

What is it? 

An RTLS (real-time location system) solution is a system designed to automatically determine and monitor object locations in real time. It is typically used for buildings and other enclosed environments. An RTLS tracks and timestamps the progress of assets during their function. This way, it provides insight into the asset operation at any time, helping to optimize related processes. 

How does it work? 

The structure of an RTLS solution is represented by tags, readers, and software. Tags are attached to items or workers subject to tracking. These gadgets produce signals that are next identified by readers, i.e., devices installed across the facility. Data that readers assemble is transported to a centralized server for analysis. 

Acquired information may refer to the allocation of resources, e.g., which ones are misallocated or where to utilize more of them. It also serves to indicate staffing levels and involve appropriate personnel where necessary. An RTLS solution contributes to production scheduling, data analysis speed, information accuracy, and cost savings due to automation.

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