Smart Factory

What is it?

A smart factory is a flexible, intelligent system that uses an interconnected network of advanced technologies to analyze data and automate production. It is designed to optimize performance, react to changes through self-adaptation, learn from new conditions in real-time, and autonomously run manufacturing activities.  

How does it work?

The functioning of a smart factory is about combining people, machines, and big data into a single ecosystem. This kind of system allows for trend forecasting, event prediction, recommending smart manufacturing workflows, and putting them into practice. A smart factory is subject to the constant enhancement of self-correcting procedures and the self-optimization process. 

The structure of a smart factory incorporates the three core procedures: data acquisition, data analysis, and intelligent factory automation. Artificial intelligence, database technologies, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) enable the acquisition of data on performance, market trends, logistics, etc. Next, machine learning, intelligent business systems, and IIoT sensors drive the analysis of data to help identify opportunities and risks. The third procedure, factory automation, involves establishing workflows, delivering instructions to equipment, monitoring, and optimization.

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