Smart Manufacturing

What is it?

Smart manufacturing (SM) is an approach that employs IoT, Internet-connected machinery, computer controls, modeling, big data, and digital information technology. The purpose of SM is to improve manufacturing performance by detecting the potential for automating operations and using data analytics. Smart manufacturing may result in productivity growth, long-term cost savings, increased flexibility, and greater operational efficiency, i.e., a company’s ability to expend a minimum of resources while maintaining high-quality production. 

How does it work?

Sensors embedded in manufacturing equipment help to assemble data on its condition and performance. This allows for preventive maintenance, avoidance of unexpected machine failure, and reduction of downtime, during which production is put on hold until equipment gets repaired.  

Data analysis presents an opportunity to learn where deficiencies make an impact on manufacturing. Another data-driven practice in SM is the simulation of processes for discovering effective techniques. Smart manufacturing also enables automation for ordering raw materials, assigning equipment to required operations, and then preparing distribution networks (groups of storage facilities and transportation systems) to provide consumers with produced goods.

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