BREEZE-D [CO2 Smart Room Sensor & Display]

The TEKTELIC BREEZE is a member of our Smart Room Sensor family and integrates practical functionality into a very small form factor. With two variants options, it is an ideal solution for holistically monitoring ambient indoor environments. This device will continuously collect data for not only CO2 levels, but it can also track ambient temperature and humidity.

The device will relay this data over to an E-Ink Display, a ideal for visualization of data measurements collected from our BREEZE sensor. Deploy in schools, retail, healthcare facilities, laboratories and office spaces. Combining the low power technologies of LoRaWAN, BLE and E-Ink, accommodates a low powered consumption solution. The E-Ink Display tablet is fully wireless and can be mounted on a table or wall.


Technical and functional system specifications

Sensor Features

  • Designed for Optimal Battery Life
  • Long Battery Life up to 10 Years
  • Wall, Ceiling or Table Mount Configurations
  • Simple Deployment
  • Sleek and Unobstructed Design

Gateway specifications

RF Power 15 dBm

General System Parameters

Operational Temperature 0°C to 60°C
Ingress Protection IP30
Size 71 x 71 x 26 mm (with mounting clip)
Weight 91g (with Battery)

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Smart Room Sensor CO2

LoRaWAN® connected Indoor Ambient Environment Monitoring

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