COMFORT – LoRaWAN® for Leak Detection

LoRaWAN® connected Smart Room Sensor for Leak Detection



Ingress Protection




Tx Power

14 dBm



The COMFORT – Leak Detection integrates a lot of useful functionality into a very small form factor. The COMFORT uses an external water probe to detect the presence of water to prevent leaks. It also supports battery status for easy maintenance. The sensor is optimized for long battery life and excellent RF performance, making it a reliable, long lasting leak detection solution to help prevent potential property damaging leaks. It is fully configurable over-the-air by the user for custom applications, behaviors, thresholds, trigger events and reports, enabling it to support many other different Smart Home IoT applications as well. COMFORT can be cost-effectively and quickly modified for other applications and deployments or custom-packaged if required.


  • Moisture / Leak Detection
  • Movement Detect (Doors, Windows, Drawers)
  • G-Force Measurement (Settable Trigger)
  • On / Off External Contact
  • On / Off Internal Magnetic Switch
  • Pulse Reading (Water, Gas, other metering)
  • Light Detection (On / Off)
  • Temperature Measurement
  • Humidity Measurement
  • User Configurable Parameters and Thresholds
  • Designed for Optimal Battery Life
  • Multiple PIR Masking Options
  • Long Battery Life
  • Wall, Ceiling or Table Mount Configurations
  • Simple Deployment
  • Sleek and Unobtrusive Design
Operational Temperature 0°C to 60°C (10°C to 40°C optimal)
Storage Temperature
-30°C to 60°C (0°C to 30°C optimal)
LoRa Device Class A
Antenna Internal
RF Sensitivity up to -137dBm
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How do I determine the battery level of the sensor?

Since the sensor uses coin cell batteries, the battery voltage will steadily decrease over time. The sensor periodically reports the battery voltage by default, where anything higher than 3 V is at 100%, and anything below 2.8 V is typically between 0 and 10%.

What can I connect to the external connector on the COMFORT

The connector has two pins and is designed to support a remote switch, remote temperature probe, or open drain input. The connector can support analog or digital inputs. Some application examples include connecting an analog thermistor for remote temperature sensing, or a digital magnetic reed switch for remote open/closed door detection.