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LoRaWAN Gateways

KONA Mega IoT Gateway

The KONA Mega IoT Gateway is an advanced highly scalable LoRaWAN gateway available for deployment in most global ISM bands.

It delivers day-one scalability, carrier grade resiliency and performance. Its advanced features include Full Duplex operation in regions that provide symmetrical spectrum for uplink and downlink channels.

It offers multiple Rx/Tx antennas which permits Rx diversity resulting in improved receiver performance in the presence of multipath fading while on the transmit side, multiple channels can be transmitted simultaneously resulting in much higher downlink throughput.

To support co-location with existing cellular installations the gateway comes with a built-in bandpass filters, which reject interference from the adjacent frequency bands (Paging, Cellular, FM and others) by up to 90 dB resulting in superior performance of the overall system.

It supports geolocation of sensors by providing Time Difference Of Arrival (TDOA) measurements.

KONA Macro IoT Gateway

The KONA Macro IoT Gateway is an ideal solution for enterprises and operators that require a full featured outdoor gateway, but that don’t require the massive scalability offered by the Mega system.

It is designed to be very compact and lightweight and is targeted at outdoor installations which dictate a small form factor and low power consumption. To minimize cost and installation complexity the gateway is designed with internal antennas for the 3G/4G modem and for the GPS receiver.

Like all TEKTELIC gateways the KONA Macro gateway is available for deployment in most of the global ISM bands.

KONA Micro IoT Gateway

The KONA Micro IoT Gateway was built for enterprise and lightweight industrial applications that require Always On connectivity for their IoT solutions.

Configured with an internal 3G/4G modem and a built-in four hour battery backup the gateway continues to provide service even when main site has gone off-line due to a power outage. Simple to configure and cost effective it is an ideal hub for deployment of enterprise-level applications in areas where LoRaWAN™ coverage is not yet readily available.

KONA Pico IoT Gateway

The KONA Pico IoT Gateway is designed for Smart Office and Smart Home IoT consumer applications.

It is very low cost making it a great choice for an IoT Hub and bundling it along with sensors that can address a wide variety of applications. It is very easy to setup making ideal for zero-touch high volume deployments. Along with TEKTELIC All-in- One Home Sensor it forms the basis of the TEKTELIC IoT Smart Home Kit.